Color Correction

Color perception is an extremely personal preference. Just because a camera produces a scene in a particular way doesn’t mean that you intended it that way or wouldn’t like it slightly different.

HS Photo maintains a color calibrated work environment so that we can bring your images to life the way that you intended.

See our Lab Color vs Studio Color in the Getting Started section to learn about our 2 workflows.

If you decide that you would like for HS Photo to color correct your images, we will work through a set of sample images to dial in the color that you want. Send in your first order of 5 images that are typical of your usual subject matter. Indicate in the reference area of your order, Lab Color Correction Test. We will color correct your images using our industry standard guide prints. If you like the color, we will create a digital reference guide to keep on file. Fine tuning your guide is easily done until we’ve got it right.

Look for Color Corrected and Studio Corrected options in HS ROES Pro.

If you are working on an album or photo book, you can send your images to us through HS ROES Pro’s Drop Box feature. Select Color Correct all images. After Color Correcting, we will burn a CD or DVD of all of your images with the corrections included.

The cost for Color Correction is $.35 per image.

*It is important to note that production color correction is done using Kodak DP2 Production System. This means, an overall correction is made to images for contrast, density and color. Images that have flattened graphic elements or composite images will not be corrected.

For images needing special attention, see our Retouching and Art section.

Custom Layout Creation

HS Photo can take your custom layout and create a product for you to use with our production system.

All you need is a jpg showing exactly what the design should look like and a layered psd for us to work with. We will create the product, assign the pricing and test it before any jobs are placed. If this is a product that you will use throughout the year, we can place it in your HS ROES Pro catalog.

The price for Custom Layout Creation is $25.00 and will take 1 week. 

*It is important to have your product created before any jobs using the product is placed. Adding a layout creation to a job will increase the in-lab time for your order by 1 week.

Drop Shipping

We can arrange to have orders shipped to an address not on file for your accounts. This service will incur an additional $10.00 per order plus the normal shipping costs. The most economical method of shipping, USPS priority mail or UPS ground, will be used.

Admin & Yearbook CD

Today’s school systems are automated to a point that they are using recognition software in libraries, lunchrooms, computer labs and campus stores. With this in mind we offer an admin and yearbook cd service to fulfill those needs.

You provide the images to us with an excel spreadsheet indicating the student’s image number, name, grade and / or homeroom and we will merge this information into a format of the school’s choosing.

  • Yearbook CD – $90.00
  • Admin CD – $45.00 (specify the school’s format)

School & Sports Packaging

Individual packaging for volume school and sports orders is included in the pricing. Please specify portrait bag or chip board with polybag.