How do I become a customer?

Fill out our new customer form. Click Here

What is a customer number?

Your customer number is a unique number given to you. It is used in tracking your orders through the lab, keeping track of your order preferences and billing.

Why do you have a minimum order charge?

To keep overall costs done for the majority of products and services we charge a $10.00 minimum fee. To avoid this, you can combine several orders into one to equal that amount.

Why do I have to have a credit card on file to be a customer?

A credit card on file ensures prompt delivery of your order when shipping.

What is the delivery schedule for orders?

In-lab times for most photographic prints is 2 days. More time is added when additional services are requested such as mount or surface modification. Press and specialty products usually require 4 business days.

Can I rush orders?

A rush service is available for most products. 100% for